West Coast Slide
Res-O-Nator CD 02
My Blues/ No More/ Sellin Mr. Johnson/
Blue Voodoo/ Play The Blues/ Freedom's
Ring/ Under My Hood/ Rest In My Arms/
Red One's For Me/ The Stalker/ All
Finished/ My Old Friend/ Muddy And
Me/ Walkin' Round Blues/ West Coast
Blues (68:00 )

Here is a guy who can write good material,
sing gutsy vocals and play as good an
electric slide guitar as you can get, and I
bet he really has quite a following. I know
very little about California based West and
I have only heard one other recording but
he certainly knows what he is doing. Going
by his photograph he looks like an imposing
figure sporting a two foot long beard which
no doubts adds to his stage presence.

All of the material is original and though
his mentors, such as Muddy Waters and
Elmore James shine through, he certainly
is not dominated by their influence. The
band names are also new to me and the
harp player, Jay Loeffel has a tone very
much his own, while the lead guitarist Jeff
Ross is a perfect foil to West's own
distinctive slide technique. In fact the whole
band of Dave Childers (rhythm guitar), Rick
Frost (bass) and Fred Adams (drums) are
very tight and sound as though they have
been playing together for some while.

There is no doubt that West is a strong
band leader, but he certainly gives free reign
to those around him and in particular Ross
is given plenty of space to show off his skills.
There are some interesting and challenging
lyrics from West and in particular his attack
on the over marketing of Robert Johnson
goods on 'Sellin' Mr. Johnson' is powerful
and I agree with every word. He pays a
warm tribute to Muddy Waters on ‘Muddy
And Me' and his love song, 'Rest in My
Arms', is one of his best compositions.

This band can really rock and I can
imagine that their opening title, 'My Blues',
Is popular to dance to, while 'Under The
Hood' has a captivating melody. For me
they kept the best to the last, for the final
two tracks are really outstanding with
West's own Side guitar on 'Walkin' Round
Blues' at it's most crisp and the final track
drives along at some pace. This is good
stuff from a guy who really enjoys what he
is doing, with commitment, energy and style.

            -Bob Tilling
         (Blues & Rhythm)